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  2. It’s official I’m a LEGO vip

  3. Another viral that we have done for the Imagination Box


  4. justafanboy said: Gotta love my legos

    haha me to buddy :)

  5. A quick scamp to show the Augmented idea. simply place the creation ontop of the box and use a smartphone or device to open up your imagination in lego friends.

  6. The Stand Off, the on-going debate over who would win in a fight, seans keyring or mine….obviously mine

  7. This is a simple video to show how the outdoor campaign will work, going through the stages needed for the campaign to work sufficently.

  8. these images show a augmented reality application that they have in most lego stores, its a quite simple idea. it includes having the in-store user hold the box of lego that he or she desires and hold it up to the camera. once the camera recognises the box, it shows a quick movie on screen that is relevant.
    we have decided to use a similar concept for the augmented reality part of our campaign and having seen this idea, we believe ours will be an effective and worthwhile section of the brief. we have a thought to link the uploaded images or videos of our lego creations up to a database that will also be connected to the LEGO friends community.

  9. various layouts

  10. these images are of the boxes that we are going to use for our outdoor campaign, we have used our tagline on the front and re-inforced our imagination concept.